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10 reasons or reasons to change the company's corporate image.

10 razones o motivos para cambiar la imagen corporativa de la empresa. The corporate image of a company is not eternal, companies change, fashions change, competition tightened, the market evolves, companies expand services and products ... or just the picture is dated to the times and / or new concepts.

If the company changes, the image presented to customers and society must change, or be representing something that is not real. As long as the interest is not listed as a brand or old hearth.

In this article we look at the main reasons that have small and medium enterprises to create a new corporate image, or update what they already have (also called RESTYLING)

In general, the reasons presented to renew the image of the company, trade, business or institution can be grouped into two main categories

- Strategic reasons, planned to seize new opportunities.

- Reaction to problems existing in the market or the company.

While reading the list of reasons, ask yourself if you can be the case with your company, and if you will renew your image or give restyled to fit the image of your company or business to new internal and external needs.

1)Change the corporate image for the company, business, institution ... is new

como cambiar la imagen corporativa de la empresa This is the most obvious reason: a new company being created, usually has no image set to be presented to your customers, so that should be pursued both for its external image, and to all the office supplies as letterheads, envelopes, posters, artwork, business cards .... corporate material, and even merchandissing.

It is a misconception that there is no need to create an image: always has, even that of "company that cares about its image", so it is essential to have some.

The ideal time to create the new image is in the process of setting up the company, before it comes to finding customers, but when you have already defined the strategy, the objectives of the company or business and the customer to Tarjet who is going to run your business or is focused, because depending on all these factors, will decide the model to fix the image.

No need to be perfect, you can improve later, but it should be professional and appropriate to the company and the products and services they provide to their customers, and that they are attracted to and identified with the brand.

2) Change the corporate image of the company because the company has stabilized. crear la imagen corportiva de una empresa logo papel carta sobres tarjetas visita

When you create a new company should always adjust plans to market realities. It is not always possible to know in advance what they will be doing the activity after a while. When this happens, the image must be renewed once the company has stabilized and you know what really makes that sells products and what customer segment is focused.

For example, a company management initially may end consumer loans specializing in mortgages. Or a catering company specializing in catering can finish. So the image that must communicate may vary and the initial image no longer fits the new corporate image that must communicate with their new products and / or services.

3)Change the corporate image of the company because it has poor design.

creacion y diseño de logos e imagen corporativa de la empresa In many companies, the logo is simply wrong, not right, just worked .... He has designed a non-professional, someone who has committed (eg, a nephew who has "good hand with Photoshop"), or has even drawn the same employer, and does not quite fit with the image I really must give, or simply has no image.

The poor design is the worst of all cases: a bad image obvious much more than normal customers doubt their professionalism (who is wary of a company that does not care his image?), And may have to be give a better price to get orders. The corporate image or brand, is in many cases, the only thing the customer sees our company before we met, so this should be good.

A good image gives confidence to customers, distinguishes the company from the competition, makes you remember best, and you can afford to charge more for their products and services.

The sooner you renew your image, the better

4) Change the corporate image of the company because it has changed the name of it.

diseño de logos There are names that do not work and should be changed, although the company did not change activity. Names boring, unpronounceable, hard to remember, too long, too generic, initials that nobody understands ... Or it may be that customers confused with another company, or do not identify what you do. When this happens, the only solution is to rename and reflect on the design of the corporate image of the company.

Changing the company name, the image should at least be adjusted to accommodate the new name. Or you can take the opportunity to make a complete rebranding and relaunch the company. The latter being a good reason to reposition, communicating new strategies and services, or simply to influence client memory and consumers.

5) Change the corporate image to change the perception of customers

Many companies renew their logo and corporate image, not because it is bad or does not conform to the company but to renew the perception of the company's customers, suppliers, investors, and society in general. Companies want to present a friendlier face, innovative technology, modern .... The makeovers build confidence in customers, as it gives renewed image, update, change and process improvement ...

6) Change the corporate image of the company for a change in strategy

Companies evolve with the market, and it can happen to change their product, channel, technology, or even sector. When the company changed enough so that his image no longer represents you, or simply not in line with the new philosophy of the company and its products and / or services should renew.

There are two possible ways to make this change:

Make a change in a planned way, as the new strategy is clear, preferably before deployment. The development of the new image should be part of the process of strategic change. And then make a presentation and market introduction.

Along the way, when it is detected that customers believe the company is engaged in something other than what it actually does. It must change to adapt to new customer perception.

7) Create new business

Companies create new business lines and new brands for many reasons: to introduce a new line of products, to exploit a niche market, to create a second brand to compete with the principal, to attack other price bands (more expensive or cheaper), or to enter new markets. The new business unit can use the image of the array, you can adapt it, or you can create a completely new one. As new designs should take into account the company's image for readapting or change completely, depending on the objectives and interests of the company.

8) Change the corporate image of the company by its new expansion

A company can expand its field in many ways: by introducing new product lines, entering new markets or new channels, targeting new customer segments, etc.. If the logo and image are tied to a product, geographic region, market, channel or segment, the expansion is hindered. diseño identidad y manual corporativo de empresas

It will be necessary to adjust the image to remove that limitation, completely redefine it, or risk further with an image that represents only part of the activity.

When should you make the switch:

When significant expansion is anticipated and planned strategy. For example when a company decides to expand services to professionals and provide direct service to consumers. Or when a company decides to expand direct sales and sell through distributors.

As the new activity becomes important enough in the entire company. For example, when an exporter occasionally increases the volume of its exports.

9) Concentrate business lines diseño imagen corporativa empresas

Many companies create business units or independent brands, for example to market different products, additional or different services, or different channels, or in different market segments and different price. Diversification may go too far, that no longer serve, or any line of business contract, so the company decides to reinstate a brand extension to the main brand. When this happens, you have to adapt two images: the secondary brand during a time of transition until customers have accepted the change of brand, and the leading brand, to accept the new line. Or even adapt the two images into one.

10) Change the corporate image of the company by its new specialization

When a company has diversified too, may decide to focus on one part of your business and discard the rest. For example, you can leave the dealer channel and focus on direct sales. Or keep a single product line. Or focus on a niche market. Or change the type or Tarjet customers.

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