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What is a computer graphics as they are made, as you design an infographic.

What is a computer graphics as they are made, as you design an infographic Infographics is a combination of synthetic images, explanatory and easy to understand and texts to communicate information visually to facilitate transmission.

In addition to the illustrations, we can help the reader more through graphs that can be understood and interpreted instantly.

Although graphic pictures have an existence dating back many years ago, the computer graphics (English informational graphics) have revolutionized the design, especially the journalistic and editorial. According to Richard Curtis, director of photography and design of this newspaper, "people read graphs first, sometimes the only thing they read."

The infographics are tremendously useful and essential to represent information that is difficult to understand through pure text. With a simple glance you can understand until things more complicated, and they are easier to digest and remember.

When the goal is to explain, infographics allow very complicated materials or content - using verbal elements that would be lost in a mass of words - can be understood quickly and entertaining and above all a very visual aid to understanding.

Thus, the numerical information, time, statistical and many others will be more effective than being illustrated by the use of pure text. They also serve different elements that allow giving greater variety and flexibility to properly layout and can be combined with text and pictures to maximize understanding of what is being reported.

What is a computer graphics as they are made, as you design an infographic

A good graphic picture should be simple, comprehensive, ethical, well designed and appropriate to the information presented. To do this, proceed previous sketches showing different possibilities. Subsequently, there "to choose the most appropriate ideas that most help the reader and one that fits the data."

The infographics can be divided into the categories of graphs, maps, tables and diagrams.

Common applications of computer graphics are graphics journalism, online graphics, architectural graphics, infographics instructive infographic mapping.

What is a computer graphics as they are made, as you design an infographic 

Write the story in words and illustrate it with pictures is what you should do good infographics. There are standards for the documentation of computer graphics and this depends on their ability to work the graphics. Currently, Macintosh computers, with their programs and Illustratior Freehand help organize a graph to illustrate much easier to do it manually. But they require a lot of skill, creativity and critical thinking. Also a capacity for teamwork, for "the artist, editor and computer must work in harmony for striking, bold and elaborate informative graphics." And to think a lot to develop creativity and create new solutions.

When Article find words or phrases budget, plan, agreement, expanding slab chronology of events, biographical line, how, what, when, where, key points, key facts, future, past, figures, participants, debates, pros and cons, who is who, who is close to the victims, heroes, catalogs, photographs, text, organization, reorganization, police case, escape routes, indent, crime, etc.. but, of course, not be exaggerated. It is not about making infographics whenever we have these terms, but at least we will have starting points.

What is a computer graphics as they are made, as you design an infographic

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