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Design of corporate brochures and product catalogs:

We design your corporate catalogs your company so they can be printed on a printer, or if you prefer corporate catalogs in PDF or PDF product catalogs that can hang on your website or catalogs to send email to customers.

Corporate Catalog is one of the more graphic media to publicize usual your company, its products or its services. In many cases the corporate catalog simply teaches the image of your company.

The corporate brochure or product catalog must present a clear and precise program of all products or services your company or institution to offer its customers. Or just give an idea of ​​the quality, objectives, mission and promote it.

How we design a corporate or product catalog

The client gives us all the documentation that should be in your product catalog or in your corporate brochure.

We analyze, structure and classify all the information provided to be shown on the corporate or product catalog and from now propose different options that will adjust to the needs and indications that the client gives us: formats, supports, finishes and budgets to meet every need.

Once established each of these issues, we conducted the first models to the approval of the overall design of the entire catalog and all the creativity that will have each of the main pages, cover design catalog ....

Finally in the layout phase, the client is seeing the entire process so that you can review, change, or validate all the way to the end of the catalog and it is exactly as you want.

From this moment, you are provided with all final artwork so you can send it to your trusted printing, proximity or which regularly works.

In addition copies are delivered in formats that tells us: PDF (in different qualities if you want to print all or parts of it, if you want to send by email, post it on your website or to pay you or flipping virtual catalog in book web), Indesign format, ....

Our job is to design high quality products, not printed, and we have dedicated all their design efforts. But if you prefer we can handle the entire printing process.


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