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Web design, web development and web programming. Programming content management systems Joomla, Wordpress and Prestashop

Diseño web, desarrollo web y programación web. Internet has revolutionized the world of image, design and the way we interact and learn new ways to approach the same challenges.

Now more than ever requires a creative strategy that is clear and that differentiates us from the rest and allow good web design.

We specialize in combining image and "dynamic web", allowing us to tackle high-level web projects for both small businesses and large corporations that require the participation of different teams updating content. All with a good web design and a good website programming.

Web Design Services:

Creating, developing and designing corporate websites:

Creating dune corporate website ( designing corporate websites 2.0 ) is aimed at companies that want to have a strong presence on the Internet and quality. This is to give your customers a practical and efficient information about their new products and promotions, so the page will serve as a touchdown and loyalty to their visitors, and all with a good web design professional.

But not enough to have a website: it must be professional, should fit your company image and to reinforce your message. The web is the image of your company and it can be your greatest ally.

In Ofifacil create a website with a unique design for you, which is clearly distinguishable from your competition and give you an image of professionalism and strength.

Creation, development and design of online or online shops.

Creation, development and design of online or virtual shops Tienda online, comercio electrónico, tienda online cualquiera de estos términos sirve para denominar la venta de productos y servicios en Internet. In Ofifacil will help you define your business online and offer it in place, gathering a good web design and professional web programming. There are hundreds of tools to relist on the internet, however not all fit your needs.

How easy of a virtual store is the platform on which the catalog is displayed, users are recorded and orders are placed. The hard part is to keep the product, serve customers online and track visits.

Creation and design of online or online catalogs:

Creation and design of institutional websites:

A corporate website is a site that presents an organization and its values​​. To do this we must have a good web design professionals.

Usually this type of web site describes the activities and key data of an organization and provides customers with the necessary information or beneficiaries. Therefore, we strive to develop Ofifacil institutional sites of great quality and visual impact, that are readily accessible to and usable by a mass audience.

Creating and designing advertising microsites:

On certain occasions, we need to make a small web site outside the ordinary business, with a special web design, outside the normal image of the web, representing an event, an event, a product launch, a novelty .... and thus require special pages or microsites that. But losing the web design company or supplementing..

Design according to campaign on, possible inclusion of forms, flash, Count .... everything you need to adapt the campaign and the microsite to your needs.

Building design of Newsletters:

Marketing experts say that acquiring a new customer costs six to seven times more than keeping an existing customer. Stay in touch with customers through a newsletter and perhaps think of your business first when they have to make another purchase or make a recommendation to a friend. Creación, diseño y envío de newsletters o boletines de noticias

The email marketing (Email Marketing) is one of the most powerful tools available to businesses today to be in constant contact with customers, distributors and partners.

Proper design of your newsletters (design and creation of newsletters) is of paramount importance in the image that your company offers to the outside, and has a direct impact on the development of your business.

To succeed, the bulletins should provide useful information, and should be brief and clear. To achieve these objectives, you should know who are targeted and provide what readers want. It is preferable to create newsletters short and frequent rather than large and infrequent. Newsletters should provide accurate information to encourage your customers to contact you or visit your company for more information.

Diversity increases the odds that at least one article is of interest to readers and lead them to contact you. If you know which customer segment belongs each of the recipients, direct the content of different editions of the newsletter to specific customer segments.

See FAQs about the importance of online newsletters



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