80 Tricks of Getting Traffic and getting visits to your website: PART 4

31 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 31 - Attract new audiences with your own podcasts.

A podcast is a kind of audio blog, distributed via RSS. Audio files can be downloaded to iPods or any computer or MP3 player.

People can subscribe to their broadcasts via RSS feeds and receive them automatically.

If you create your own podcasts, informative and useful, you can reach a completely new audience.

You will need to have your podcasts listed in podcast directories such as

Be sure to use a title that captures the attention of people looking in those directories.

You can find large and popular podcast directories on and the Apple's iTunes Music Store.

If you get Blogging For Dollars you will receive a pamphlet entitled "WOW Your Audience with Hottest New Technology: Podcasting".

Explain podcasting and describe how simple it is to create your own podcasts.

32 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 32 -Use a reliable web hosting.

Use a good and reliable web hosting. If your site is not active when you visit the Google robot, it may disappear from the index. Many really "cheap" web hosting sites can end up costing very expensive.

When Jay was preparing the launch of, he thoroughly researched web hosts. He was looking for a really reliable lodging, with good features and at a reasonable price.

We are delighted with the service provided. Here is the web hosting that Jay chose.

If you have many sites, use different web hosting companies. It is a form of insurance in case of disaster. These companies sometimes disappear without warning.

Use backup copies.

33 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 33 - Analyze and give a twist to your internal links.

Consider how your pages are linked. Changing your link structure can increase or decrease the PageRank, which can give you a little boost in search engine rankings for your most important pages.

There is a logical, intelligent reason to do this. You WANT more links to your most important pages, money generating and less links to less bright pages.

Some webmasters use the rel = "nofollow" tag on links to certain pages, reducing the flow of PageRank to them. For me this seems risky. Google would surely see it as a behavior directed at search engines, not humans.

You can try for hours by examining different link structures with the free Mark Horrell calculator, PageRank Calculator.

34 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 34 - Chase new fashions and hot topics.

Some affiliates monitor popular TV shows and news topics.

When a hot topic captures your attention, as soon as they can create a new page, a new blog or a new website where they discuss the new product or the new fashion.

These affiliates that move so fast are those who manage to capture the initial rise in traffic.

35 - Advice and trick of web positioning and increase of visits # 35 - Pursue new affiliate programs.

Monitor new affiliate programs and create a page quickly, or a blog or a new website to cover the new topic.

A good site to monitor this is our affiliate directory of, where different new programs are added every day.

36 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 36 - Find new topics in your logs and where the traffic comes from.

Study your logs to see what phrases people type in search engines.

SEO specialist Brett Tabke says: "If your site is about 'oranges', but those who go look for' orange citrus fruit ', then you have to take care of building articles about' citrus' and 'fruit' instead of the generic one ' oranges' ".

Here is another reason why you MUST have a good tool to show you your traffic statistics. You need to know where your traffic is coming from.

You need to know which of your many traffic experiments are the most effective. Then you will know where to allocate your time and energy - in the winners.

If your web hosting does not provide good statistics, one option is to use AWStats. It's free.

If you feel comfortable letting Google know everything about your site, you can also use Google Analytics, which is also free.

37 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 37 - Enroll in business associations that listen to their members online.

There may be business associations in your niche that publish their members' sites online. It is worth checking.

Try a Google search for "business associations".

38 - Web positioning advice and trick and increased visits # 38 -Add a forum to your site.

A forum has great advantages and great disadvantages.

A popular forum can attract a large number of repeated visits to your site. You can increase your credibility as an expert.

It can also involve a lot of work. Before deciding to launch one, carefully consider who will moderate it, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Who will eliminate spam? Will you have three moderators working in different time zones across the planet?

If you are going to moderate the forum yourself, who will take charge when you go for a few days on vacation?

The most effective way to launch a forum is to add one to a site that is already popular. Throwing one from scratch requires a great deal of time and energy - and usually money.

If you launch a forum, make sure you have a way to attract forum members to your newsletter or the rest of your website. If you don't, they will simply take part in the discussions and leave, spending bandwidth without generating any profit for you.

39 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 39 - Write free reports or white papers.

Write a free ebook or a free report (you can use the free Open Office software to create one in PDF format), and ask website owners and newsletter publishers to give it away.

40 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 40 -Write customizable reports.

Write a report that allows other affiliates to put their affiliate links on it and give it away. What you need is a beautiful win-win agreement.

Here is an article that describes how to do it:

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