80 Tricks of Getting Traffic and getting visits to your website: PART 5

41 - Web positioning advice and increased visits # 41 -Send your free electronic books to electronic book directories.

Search Google for "ebook directory" and "ebook directories" and list your free ebook on all the sites you can.

42 - Web positioning and visit increase advice # 42 - Offer to be a columnist.

Locate a popular site in your niche that can appreciate having you as a columnist on a regular basis. Write tips, live comments, product reviews, or any topic that has to do with your niche.

43 - Web positioning advice and increased visits # 43 -Offer to moderate a section of a forum.

A fast-growing forum can appreciate your offer to moderate a section of it, in exchange for free advertising for your site.

44 - Web positioning advice and increased visits # 44 - Do something funny.

Put weird, funny things on your site and ask a friend to send a link to to get the advertising ball to start rolling.

If possible, try to make sure that the subject of the article is related to your niche. Remember that you want DIRECT traffic to your site.

Cory Doctorow of the blog says that the blog receives 1.7 million visits a day.


Informing BoingBoing about a link is very simple.

45 - Web positioning advice and increased visits # 45 - Be scandalous or controversial.

Here is a Russell Beattie traffic tip from

"Face Apple. Writing something bad about Steve Jobs or one of his new products is the safest way to put fans in a state of rage.

Two days later I will have more than 2000 individuals visiting that comment about the iPod photo, about 52 comments and lots of emails. This is what is expected, of course, but of the two or three times that I have done it and obtained such

answer, it still surprises me. "

Mark Daoust says: The Surprising Truth About Ugly Websites, an article recently published on, attracted 200,000 unique visitors in less than 24 hours. It initially communicated in Slashdot, and subsequently communicated

in hundreds of blogs and forums, and thousands of new websites added a link to the article.

46 - Web positioning advice and increased visits # 46 - Make it easy for people to make you famous - tag your blog.

Sometimes at the end of an article in a blog you will see a link that says something like this:

"Did you like this article? Put it as a favorite in"


"Digg this article"

"Put it as a favorite in ..."

Providing these links makes it very easy for readers to spread the word about your article.

Some blog owners provide a selection of social networks and links or graphics at the end of their articles.

Here is an example where the author has provided his visitors "Share and Enjoy" (tag) the article:

9 Tips in Life that Lead to Happiness

To find more examples, try a Google search for "Digg this article".

Sites for social bookmarking:

You can see a long list of these sites here and free code that you can add to your blog template and make tagging easier.

Here is another LONG list of social bookmarking sites.

The use of a service like Technorati attracts people to your blog.

You tag your blog with a tag, such as "pet food." Any Technorati user who has subscribed to that tag will be notified every time you make a contribution on your blog about pet food.

Social bookmarking sites allow you to share your bookmarks publicly, labeling them to allow others to find them.

If the people who visit these sites decide that their pages are worth sharing, they will bookmark them and tag them so that other people can find them.

You can also share an RSS feed of your favorites. When you add a favorite, they know about it automatically.

If you take the time to create genuinely USEFUL collections of favorites, people will be more inclined to use them.

The Internet community is just beginning to realize the enormous potential of the use of social bookmarking to get high quality links to your site, from authority sites. Sean Wu explains exactly how to do it in his Tag and Ping ebook.

As Sean explains, there are basically two types of tags - the ones you put on your blog and the ones you put on social bookmarking sites.

You can create what he calls a "network of authority sites."

For maximum effectiveness, he recommends that you do both.

This is my advice: If you are going to establish "authority" pages on Social Bookmarking sites, do it carefully. It's a bit like entering a new forum where you don't know the rules. DO NOT spam those sites. Create pages that contain relevant and useful content. Then get links to those pages. Sean tells him how to do it.

It will save you a lot of time figuring out how to do it if you get Sean's book.

47 - Web positioning advice and increased visits # 47 - Get mentioned on 440 newspaper websites.

Sounds like a dream, right? You put a text on your site and 440 newspapers quickly link to your blog.

Is that how it works...

Technorati has teamed up with the Associated Press (AP). First, you put a comment on your blog about an AP news item. When readers visit an AP member who uses AP Hosted Custom News, they will see a module presenting the AP articles "The Five Most Blogged" just to the right of the article text, dynamically managed by Technorati.

"Additionally, when readers click on an AP article, Technorati will return 'Who's Blogging About' that article. Now, if you have a comment about an AP story, you can get them to mention you in that module, simply linking to the AP news URL, "says Technorati.

Here are the details: Please note: The "Top Five Most Blogged About" box is VERY SMALL. The biggest emphasis is on the name of your blog, (NOT the title of your last comment). So, to get full advantage of this, you need a name for your blog that truly captures attention.

48 - Web positioning advice and increased visits # 48 - Upload your photos. Tag your photos.

As Technorati says, if you want your photos to appear on the Technorati 'tag pages, join Flickr or Buzznet, two online photo sharing communities, put your photos there. "Simply label them and set them public

and will appear on the Technorati Tag pages. "

Sometimes, if you are doing a search on Google, links to photos uploaded to Flickr will appear in the search results, due to the keywords in the caption. Here are all kinds of possibilities for the promotion of your site.

If you explore tagging, bookmarketing and social networks, you will see that one link leads to another, and another, and another ...

The challenge is to get the most out of this opportunity without wasting a huge amount of time.

49 - Web positioning advice and increased visits # 49 -Use assemblies.

If people see something weird on their site, they will often tell others. You can also notify newsletter publishers and blog owners and suggest that they mention the assembly in their medium. For example, Jim Crawford tells us how to make a musical work with a mouse.

Some tips on the use of assemblies.

50 - Web positioning advice and increased visits # 50 - Create "link bait" deliberately.

The bait for links (or links) is a content of the website to which other people link voluntarily. Here is an example.

Do a Google search for "link bait" for more examples.

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