45 tips and tricks for the design of professional logos.

Tanner Christensen proposes these rules or tricks to create a logo.
45 consejos y trucos para el diseño de logos profesionales.

1. Do not use more than three colors in the logo design.
2. Get rid of everything that is not absolutely necessary for your design.
3. The typography should be simple enough for your grandmother to read.
4. The logo must be recognizable in any situation.
5. Create a unique form or layout for the logo.
6. Ignore completely what your parents and / or partner think of the logo design.
7. Confirm that the logo looks attractive to more than three (3) people.
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8. Do not combine elements of popular logos and then say that it is an original work.
9. Do not use clipart under any circumstances, create your own image.
10. The logo should look good in black and white.
11. Make sure the logo is recognizable when inverted.
12. Make sure the logo is recognizable by changing its size.
13. If the logo contains an icon or symbol, in addition to text, place each one so that they complement each other, and that they are needed.
14. Avoid recent trends in logo design. Instead, make your logo look timeless.
15. Do not use special effects (including, but not limited to: gradients, shadows, reflections, and light rays).
16. Adjust the logo to a square layout where possible, avoid the elaborate layouts.
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17. Avoid intricate details.
18. Consider the different places and ways in which the logo will be presented: brochures, web pages, merchandising, press, paper, plastic ...
19. Invokes bold and confident feelings, never boring and weak.
20. Realize that you will not create the perfect logo.
21. Use hard lines for hard business, and soft lines for soft business.
22. The logo must have some connection with what it is representing. You must evoke it.
23. A photo does not make a logo. A logo is a logo and a photo is a photo.
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24. You must surprise consumers with the presentation.
25. Do not use more than two fonts or fonts.
26. Each element of the logo needs to be aligned. Left, center, right, up or down.
27. The logo should look solid, without hanging elements.
28. Find out who is going to see the logo before thinking about ideas for it.
29. Always choose function over innovation.
30. If the brand name is memorable, the brand name must be the logo.
hacer un logo31.
The logo must be recognizable when a mirror effect is applied.
32. Even large companies need small logos.
33. The logo design should please everyone, not just the business that will use it. The logo is for the customer not for the company.
34. Create variations. The more variations, the more likely you are to get to the right one.
35. The logo should be consistent across multiple platforms.
36. The logo should be easy to describe by a person who explains it to another.
37. Do not use taglines in the logo.
38. Sketch ideas using pencil and paper before working on the computer.
39. Keep the design simple. The simpler the more perfect.
40. Do not use swoosh symbols or globes.
41. The logo should not distract, should inform.
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You must be honest in your representation.
43. The logo must be visually balanced.
44. Avoid bright neon colors and opaque, dark colors.
45. The logo must not break any of the rules already mentioned.


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